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12 Nov 2013
Armenia is the winner of “Discovery of the Year” Award of National Geographic Traveler
The results of the online voting of the best travel destination contest organized by the Russian version of the National Geographic Traveler have been finalized earlier this month.

The voting involved 65,000 people.

As a result, Armenia was recognized as the winner of the “Discovery of the Year” Award.

The award is a proof of various activities of the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia aimed at promoting multi-faceted tourism of Armenia. The importance of it lies within the context of increasing the awareness of Armenia’s historical, cultural and religious heritage on the Russian market as well as boosting inbound tourism flows.

Earlier this year, in April, an editorial delegation from the “National Geographic Россия” magazine was hosted in Armenia for a press trip by the invitation of the NCFA. The trip resulted in a series of articles dedicated to Armenia published in the “National Geographic Россия” and the “National Geographic Traveler” magazines and a photo gallery placed on the website.

National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, November 12

16 Oct 2013
Armenia will be represented at TTG INCONTRI annual world travel exhibition
The National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, along with 8 Armenian travel agencies, will represent Armenia at TTG INCONTRI annual world travel exhibition, which will take place in Rimini, Italy from October 17th-19th.

This year, an estimated number of 2,400 travel agencies from around 130 countries and more than 50,000 professional tourism operators are expected to take part in the exhibition.

Armenia’s rich cultural, historical and Christian heritage will be presented in travel guides and maps in Italian during the exhibition.

The Italian market is one of the target destinations of NCFA’s tourism promotion and the expected results of its development are quite promising.

National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, October 16


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