Weather in Yerevan
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짤 Zaven Khachikyan

Armenia has a tremendous climatic variety packed in a small physical area. From the sunny Ararat valley and its bountiful fruits to the idyllic snowcapped mountain ranges, which traverse the land, Armenia's diverse nature is a reflection of its broad climatic range. Moreover, several microclimates exist due to the country's mountainous terrain. A day that is sunny and hot in the Ararat Valley may be quite brisk near the windswept mountainous lakes, and snowing in the upper regions of Mount Aragats. The rolling hills and high flats seem as if they were sculpted for rugged cross-country skiing in the winter, while Lake Sevan in the summertime is a wonderful destination for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxation. Average temperatures in the country's capital, Yerevan, range from -5 oC in winter to 30 oC in summer, although extreme days can see the thermometer fall to -10 oC and the hottest summer days have topped out over 40 oC. Average precipitation ranges from less than 12 inches per year in the lower Arax River valley to about 36 inches per year at the highest altitudes.


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