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The Armenian national currency is the dram. Paper notes are issued in denominations of 500, 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000 and 50000 Dram. All new Armenian Dram banknotes have been printed on high quality 100 % cotton fibre paper. Visible and invisible fibres for reasons of security are interwoven in the paper. The 50.000 dram banknote, in circulation since 2001, commemorates the 1700 anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia as a state religion, the first country to do so. Coins replace all banknotes less than 500 dram (10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500). Foreign bank notes can be exchanged at local banks and at exchange counters.

There is no limitation on the amount of money exchanged.

ATM machines in Yerevan function in accordance with the Plus Global Access Network, Visa, and MasterCard systems. The exchange rate in Yerevan has been quite stable and the monetary policies of the Central Bank have been acknowledged by the international community to be largely successful. Recently, the strong financial and economic results of the Armenian banking sector have led to regained confidence of population in the banking system, as well as a broadened scope and improved quality of banking services.

Name Address
ACBA1 Bayron Str., Yerevan
ACBAKomitas Ave. & Papasyan Str. Crossroad, Yerevan
ACBA16/2 Bagratunyats Str., Yerevan
ACBAAbovian Str. & Sayat Nova Str. Crossroad, Yerevan
ACBASayat Nova Ave. & Mashtots Ave. Crossroad, Yerevan
AmeriaBank12 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank15/5 Rubinyats Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank1 Alek Manoukyan Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank12/2 T. Petrosyan Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank42 Mashtots Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank10 Tigran Mets Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank1 Italia Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank16 Gai Ave., Yerevan
AmeriaBank1/48 G. Nzhdeh Str., Yerevan
AmeriaBank2 Vazgen Sargsyan Str., Yerevan
Anelik Bank19 Tumanyan Str., Yerevan
Anelik Bank15 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan
Anelik Bank75 M. Baghramian Ave., Yerevan
Anelik Bank15 Sayat-Nova Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank32 Garegin Njdeh Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank41 Manandyan Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank24 Tigran Mets Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank32 Sebastia Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank42 Zvartnots Airport, Vagharshapat
Ardshinbank3 Deghatan Str., Yerevan
Ardshinbank41 Komitas Ave., Yerevan
Areximbank12 Mher Mkrtchyan Str., Yerevan
Areximbank20 Tumanyan Str., Yerevan
Areximbank9 Tigran Mets Ave. , Yerevan
Areximbank2짧 Kochar Str., Yerevan
Areximbank19 Sayat-Nova Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank57 Komitas Ave., Yerevan
Armeconombank24 Artsakh Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank22 Abovyan Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank43 Tigran Mets Ave., Yerevan
Armeconombank1/3 Aram Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank1M Nor- Norq, 14/15 Nansen Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank23/1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank43 Khorenatsi Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank12 Isahakyan Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank28 Garegin Njdeh Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank16 Mazmanyan Str., Yerevan
Armeconombank37 Sebastia Str., Yerevan
Armenian Development Bank85 Baghramyan Str., Yerevan
Cascade Bank29 G. Nzhdeh Str,, Yerevan
Cascade Bank1 American (US Embassy), Yerevan
Cascade Bank9 Alek Manoukyan Str.,, Yerevan
Cascade Bank37 Tumanyan Str.,, Yerevan
Cascade Bank6 Deghatan Str.,, Yerevan
Converse Bank22 Saryan Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank34 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan
Converse Bank49 Komitas Ave., Yerevan
Converse Bank2 Mamikonyats Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank4/1 Argishti Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank26/1 Vazgen Sargissian Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank76 Baghramian Ave., Yerevan
Converse Bank1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank14 Abovian Str., Yerevan
Converse Bank27 Abovian Str., Yerevan
HSBC Bank ArmeniaBaghramian Str. & Moskovyan Str. Crossroad, Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia3 Komitas Ave., Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia33 Sayat-Nova Ave., Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia66 Teryan Str.,, Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia1 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia21 Papazyan Str.,, Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia9 Vazgen Sargissian Str., Yerevan
HSBC Bank Armenia2 a Hr. Kochar Str.,, Yerevan
Inecobank17 Tumanyan Str., Yerevan
Inecobank23 Mashtots Str., Yerevan
Prometey10 Tigran Mets Str., Yerevan
Unibank26 Abovyan Str., Yerevan
Unibank2 Amiryan Str., Yerevan
Unibank15/1 Komitas Ave., Yerevan
Unibank21 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan
Unibank2/2 Mashtots Ave., Yerevan


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