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The Armenian Tourism Development Agency (ATDA) with a staff of more than sixteen employees, including customer service representatives, web designers, marketing and PR coordinators, as well as writers and agency executives, has actively pursued the development of Armenian tourism, both locally and globally, for more than two years.

By representing Armenia at international trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, as well as organizing familiarization trips to Armenia for travel writers, tour operators and agents, sponsoring festivals and special events, ATDA has been able to develop a successful, multi-tiered approach toward tourism development.

ATDA has created an impressive track record based on creating and cultivating "communities of industry professionals and resources," emphasizing the creation of infrastructure and addressing the needs and interests of both consumer and service provider, making it the most vigorous, vocal and effective voice in the Armenian tourism sector.

ATDA's state-of-the-art ARMENIAInformation Visitor Information Center has recently been remodeled and expanded to provide a more comfortable and comprehensive environment for all visitors to use and enjoy unparalleled service, specifically geared toward assisting them via a one-stop, full-spectrum concierge facility.

ATDA came to life, in 2001, as a coalescence of collective visions and a confluence of substantial financial commitments - governmental, non-governmental and personal - with a clear understanding of the key role tourism would play in Armenia's economic redevelopment.

Today, ATDA is chartered by the Government of the Republic of Armenia, with technical assistance provided by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) and substantial funding from both the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Hovnanian International.

ATDA has launched into its third year of service to Armenian tourism development and hopes that its efforts in tandem with a robust tourism industry will propel Armenian tourism's exponential growth even further.

For more information please feel free to contact us at (+3741) 542303/06 or via e-mail at help@armeniainfo.am.


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